Our WetNoses Family

Didion “Bacon” Jones!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.35.38 PM

Didion Jones is a little rascal! He loves to snuggle and chill. His favorite thing to do is sneak up on the breakfast bacon when you ain’t lookin’! 😉 He loves to cuddle all the time because he said, “I be gettin real cold all the time!”

Cody “The King”

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Cody is the elder King of the Upper West Side, he has lived there for many years. He is a wise and benevolent monarch, all the other puppies, out of respect, bow before him on the street. 😉 He’s also a a great nuzzler!

Jake “The Face” 

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.35.38 PM

If you are ever feeling down, Jake it the guy to be around. He is like the perfect puppy: fluffy, playful, and stuffed-animally 😉 He’s kind of a little model! He also (at least when food is involved) listens very, very well!

Lenox “Snow Bird” Nathaniel

Lenox is a snow bird, he kind of has a Donald Duck lisp when he talks. He wrote us to tell us, “I aint be haffin gots no tyme to deals wid deh coldz, so I flies down tuh Flo-duh 4 da wintur. C u suckas en deh Sprang.” He is also and art connoisseur when he isn’t napping on the boss’s desk!