Felco 2/16 $1.59. Selv om du skulle være uheldig og beskadige skæret ved for eksempel at klippe i metal eller sten, kan skæret let udskiftes. The fact that the Felco pruners cut everything well will be obvious right away, and what you’ll find over time is that they could honestly last forever. I earned a certificate in field botany from the New England Wild Flower Society in 2007 (now known as the Native Plant Trust), and I co-founded the Lexington Community Farm Coalition, which is devoted to preserving working agricultural land. Felco 6 passer til en lille hånd. Herzlich Willkommen bei KOX.Suchen Sie den Onlineshop für Deutschland? The action was smooth enough—and the blade was sharp enough—that I was able to cut through a ¾-inch branch single-handed with the Coronas. Vlastním velkou okrasnou zahradu a nůžky používám velmi často. The Felco pruners were nearly perfect in our test, and the very few problems they had in cutting performance seem like only shortcomings when compared with our also-great pick. Felco Original Ch-2206 Replacement Blades. Cherchez-vous la boutique enligne pour la Belgique? The blades on these F-8 pruners are easy to maintain or replace if … The Felco Model No. The Zavaland Pruning Shears were the only pruners in my sample that were completely incapable of cutting through scallions. Otherwise, it features the same smooth, perfect action, and has the same sharp blade, as the ARS Signature Heavy Duty Pruner. You can adjust and fine-tune Felcos whenever you wish. Search. Achetez Felco 41700 lame de rechange pour 2 2/3, Gris: Amazon.fr Livraison & retours gratuits possible (voir conditions) 2,5 cm. $77.24 $ 77. What a difference and I know I'll own these for as long as I live. Achetez FELCO NR 6/91 N° 6/91 SB Spring pour sécateurs 2 pièces : Sécateurs et ciseaux : Amazon.fr Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ Suite à l'afflux massif de colis des dernières heures, la poste a stoppé l'acheminement des colis à venir, ce qui allonge les délais de livraison. Afin de vous offrir une navigation optimale sur notre site, nous utilisons des cookies afin d'en mesurer et analyser les performances pour vous offrir un service personnalisé. Letos v říjnu jsem si objednal nové nůžky Felco 2 a těšil jsem se na perfektní výrobek. 43,86 € Felco 11. FELCO 7 vs Fiskars (Garda de protectie) vs Florabest vs Old Grape Russian Scissor - Duration: 4:07. The Tierra Pro 38-1707 7″ Bypass Pruning Shears cut through scallions only half the time, and could barely cut through a ¾-inch buckthorn branch, leaving cuts with torn bark and an uneven surface. They were the smoothest-feeling pruners we tried, slicing straight through both hefty branches and wispy scallion tops with no hesitation, jarring, or jerking, and they never got stuck. Do yourself a favor and get the ARS HP-VS8Z or Okatsune 101 instead. I use my #6 Felco pruners constantly. The FELCO 6 combines exceptional ergonomics with a comfort in use which enables the highest cut quality every time, regardless of your hand size. Out of the box, we found this blade-to-blade tolerance to be precise and accurate, but all pruners go out of alignment eventually. Its blades’ action felt slightly rougher than that of the silky-smooth ARS HP-VS8R, but almost anything would. April 9, 2013 at 7:30 pm. Here’s everything you need to keep your yard tidy, no matter what winds up on the ground out there. (As a garden columnist wrote in the Portland Press Herald, “Trying to pick a hand-pruner for someone else would be like trying to pick a mattress for them.”) So we focused on brands that made excellent tools in a variety of sizes—such as ARS, Corona, and Felco—so that if our pick didn’t fit your grip, there would be an alternative at another size. We wanted a pair of pruners that could reliably cut all the way through every last bit of a branch or stem without crushing it—or hurting your hands. Felco 2 Baypass Pruner Classic Model F2 . The Corona RP 3230 Ratchet Action Anvil Pruner is an economical choice. En lire plus. If you have small hands, be aware that Felco pruners are sized for larger hands than some other brands are. Livraison GRATUITE par Amazon. Solid forged metal alloy handles Swiss precision made hardened replaceable cutting blade replaceable anvil blade with a sap groove. After researching 49 pairs of pruners and testing 39 models on dozens of maple branches, buckthorn limbs, scallions, raspberry canes, and wooden dowels, we found that the Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner is the best pruner for most people. with care they will last a long time . Odds are, you won’t need to do this, ever, judging by how long people keep their Felco pruners, but to my mind, it’s a slight flaw. Unfortunately, ARS does not make left-handed pruners; for that, you’ll have to get a Felco 9. Beyond a sharp edge, the ARS tool’s blades have a very precise bypass tolerance straight out of the box, which is critical to that smooth, never-stuck cutting action and the perfect results you see on every cut. The Fiskars 7936 PowerGear Pruner required more force than other pruners to cut scallions and raspberries, and cut the ¼-inch dowel inconsistently, but then it cut through the Norway Maple branch with just one hand. In other words, the Felco #2 is a bit more easy to insert straight-on into a gap to reach twigs or limbs. Other pruning shears haven’t provided the comfort level that is the same. Olga Kraus, a certified horticulturist with over 20 years of experience working in the nursery trade, and one of the pro landscapers we consulted at the Ecological Landscape Alliance, said, “The Felco 2's I have been using for 25 years were joined last year by a pair of Felco 6's.” Gardeners writing reviews on the arborist supply site Tree Stuff have similar stories: One person has had the “same pair for 13 years and counting.” Another has owned a pair for 12 years—“longer than I've done tree work, and they're still on the first blade.” And here’s a perfect example, also from a Tree Stuff reviewer: “I have [had] ... a set of these pruners for 16 years for personal use and 5 of the years professionally. Felco 630 Curved Saw 330mm Blade Length Scie à Taille, Argent/Rouge/Noir, 48,5x5,5x3,2 cm. 6:31. verniciatura professionale fai da te - exceptional DIY painting - Duration: 23:20. Add to Cart. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. The Flexrake LRB205 Ratchet Anvil Pruner did a mediocre job of cutting scallions, tearing four out of 10, and it could not cut through raspberry canes without engaging the ratchet. À double tranchant Capacité de coupe 22 mm Longueur totale 21,5 cm 240 g Matière du manche Aluminium . The only other pruners in my sample that could do this, the ARS, Felco, and Bahco models, all cost more than twice as much as the Corona BP 3180. More Buying Choices $14.95 (9 new offers) Felco 2 Bypass Pruner and Leather Holster (Bundle, 2 Items) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Si votre outil est particulièrement sale ou susceptible de rouiller après une exposition à l'humidité, ne repoussez pas le nettoyage. Felco 2/14 $0.73. I didn't realize Corona had gone low budget … Learn more. Most of our testing was on standard bypass pruners, but we also tried pruners with rotating handles to reduce fatigue, as well as ratcheting pruners that make large cuts with less force. The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Hand Pruners were the easiest-cutting ratcheting pruners we tested—and the second most expensive. 6 Simple Techniques For The Felco F-2 Pruners Reviewed - Gardener's Path. Pass er til følgende felco modeller: 2,4,7,8,9,10,11,19,100,4C&H,18CC,400,160L Felco 2 - Beskæresaks 369,00 kr. The sap groove prevents the blade sticking when cutting "sappy" wood. Felco of Switzerland is probably the world’s most highly regarded manufacturer of hand pruners. 2 or Felco Model No. This tool was the only model that consistently made perfectly clean, flat cuts in soft stems, woody growth, hardwood dowels, and even ¾-inch buckthorn branches without crushing or tearing anything—and with less effort. Add to Cart . It worked better on dowels and branches, though, cutting the Norway maple and the buckthorn flawlessly. However, I needed to use two hands to force it to close on the ½-inch dowel and the ¾-inch buckthorn branch, and both the ⅜-inch and ¾-inch branches were slightly crushed in the process. Sa conception exemplaire en fait un outil adapté à tous les travaux de taille et les destine aussi bien aux utilisateurs professionnels qu’aux particuliers. Habituellement expédié sous 2 à 3 jours. Felco F-2 Pruner High Performance Pruning Shears, Genuine! The Felco 14 is another smaller tool we’ve tested and found to be as consistently excellent as the other Felco tools we’ve tried over the years. Évolution du prix. ARS is a niche manufacturer with a limited US presence, and although its tools are fantastic, their availability can be inconsistent. Add to Cart. It tended to crush the dowels, but it did sever them, and it made good, flat cuts in live branches. You may need those parts sooner, though, as some owners claim that this pruner is prone to rust. Trending at $36.99. Découvrez la haute qualité suisse, issue d'une expérience de plusieurs décennies et profitez du grand choix d'outils professionnels.Chez nous, vous trouverez les sécateurs Felco en différentes versions : du modèle de base en passant par les sécateurs pour gauchers, jusqu'au sécateur à poignée tournante, en diverses tailles. They last, too: Owners on BladeForums make comments such as “I have used the same pair of 8" pruners professionally for the last 9 years and they will definitely outlast me.” Wayne Schoech at Stone Lantern said his firm carried replacement Okatsune springs. Felco 2/13 $0.56. According to Fiskars, the Fiskars PowerGear2 “multiplies leverage to give you up to 3.2x more power on every cut.” However, power is not the same as finesse. 3 product ratings - Replacement Blade & Set of 2 Spring For Felco 2, 4, 11, 400 Pruner Tracking # C $28.88. The Gardeners’ Friend pair also comes with a little mineral-oil-saturated sponge embedded in the handle for cleaning and oiling the blade, which saves you the bother of getting a rag out. After reviewing our picks and considering long term testing, we’re confident that the Felco 2 pruners are still the best you can reliably get. Felco also has made every individual part of the pruners available, so if anything on them ever does break it’s an easy task to source and replace the broken part. The main difference was that the ARS HP-VS8Z cut large branches slightly more smoothly than the Felco 2, requiring a little less force, and making a flatter, cleaner cut. Pygar Inc Felco F-5 Classic Manual Pruning Shears 4.6 out of 5 stars 348. Niwaki to be precise and their range of secateurs. Conseils d’achat Comparatifs Avis & Tests produits Other options New from $14.95. The main drawback is availability: ARS isn’t that common in the US, especially compared with Felco models, which have been widely marketed for decades in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. A fantastic quality secateur suitable for right handed users looking for a general purpose Felco secateur. Felco 2/13 Washer. The Tierra Garden 35-1731 Ergo Forged Bypass Pruners don’t perform quite as well as the Tierra Pro models. Also, other than Felco number 5s, the parts on Felco pruners are all replaceable. Wow! 59 sold. Depuis 1945, Felco est leader mondial de la fabrication de sécateurs professionnels. The Felco 2 is ½ inch longer than our also-great pick, the ARS HP-VS8Z. In our tests this pair sliced through ¼-inch raspberry canes easily without ratcheting, and it ratcheted through ½-inch dowels and ¾-inch branches with no fuss and little force, but it could barely cut two out of 10 scallion samples. Ce vendeur de felco 6 dont la société est Rubart GmbH ayant pour activité principale GmbH fait parti des vendeurs de taille moyenne et mérite 18 sur 20 selon les acheteurs. ARS crafts its VS-series pruner handles out of cast aluminum coated with plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the handles snapping off, unless you keep a metal-chomping Pulgasari for a pet. They probably want regular oiling that I’m not giving them.” Still, even with these issues, you could keep the pruners going for years with replacement top blades, springs, and screws. A Simple Way To Root Plants From Cuttings - Duration: 10:51. Sécateur à poignées rouges, emblématique et primé, fabriqué en Suisse... le FELCO 2 est le porte-drapeau des valeurs fondamentales de qualité, de fiabilité et de durabilité de notre marque dans le monde entier depuis 1948. The Fiskars Quantum Hand Pruner is not made to slice scallions, and it left dangling onion bits on more than half the cuts. *At the time of publishing, the price was $50. The Ergo model cut scallions perfectly but tended to crush the dowels and Norway maple branches, and it required more force to close around live branches than the other Tierra models did. A word on Felco maintenance: If you do happen to find your long-lost pruners deep in the compost heap, you can adjust the hardened-steel center bolt to make sure the blades still align correctly. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 29. Based on the current prices offered we think the Felco 2 is the better buy. The Felco model 2 is more suited for persons with medium to large hands. The Corona BP 3180 is an economical choice that can easily trim delicate scallion stems and slice right through raspberry canes. The HP-VS8Z is so good that we almost made it our top pick for this guide, but its pricing is inconsistent—and sometimes very high (we’ve seen it fluctuate between $50 and $80). Many (all) Felco pruners look very much alike...so what's the difference? I found them in the yard. $67.59 As low as $57.79. I got recommendations for seven pruner models (the Felcos were mentioned more than once), a small chainsaw, and an “extendable pruner-gun” from a Quebecois orchardist who I’m not entirely sure I understood correctly. If you live in the UK, the Burgon & Ball Professional Compact Bypass Secateur GTO/PRL performed almost as well as the Okatsune in testing, though it felt slightly more rough and jangly, and the force of closing the pruners made cut ends go flying. Skip to content. MDV. Relaterede Produkter. Découvrez-en plus sur le sécateur mis en jeu cette semaine: En cliquant sur "Envoyer", vous acceptez nos conditions générales de participation. Felco 2 Schere, die Universale für den Profi und Hobbygärtner - Duration: 16:02. No US merchants currently offer this model. Bienvenue chez KOX ! Felco models are consistently priced, well known, and widely beloved among gardeners, many of whom have kept their Felco 2 pruners for a decade or more. The Felco Model No. 4 th on our list of the best hand pruners is the ARS HP-VS8Z. 5-3/4 in. That rivet means that the lower blade is firmly attached—but it also means that if you ever need to replace the lower blade, you’re going to need to rivet it, or find someone who can. Fiche produit. Corona's blades are made out of high carbon SK5 steel, and should keep their edge for a long time after sharpening. With anvil pruners, a sharpened blade simply stops on a hard, flat surface; this design is better suited for dry, dead brush. Felco 2/16 Locking Segment Holds against center bolt nut. Niwaki have been around for a while, their range of specially designed ladders are used by many professional gardeners, land owners and country estates up and down the country. Slim and short, they open very wide (6 inches across at the base), making it hard for users with smaller hands (like me) to grasp them, and the handles feel slightly slippery in damp conditions. I am one of the pillars of the Menotomy Gardeners e-group. These pruners had the sharpest blades and required the least force to make the smoothest cuts of any of the pruners in our test. 16:02. The blades should rest so tightly against one another that, if you look at their edges together, no light should shine through. $16.94 $ 16. Felco Repair Kit 2/92. CDN$ 11.08 shipping. Lost them for several months. They could not cut anything without hard squeezing, even raspberry canes, and they just barely cut the ½-inch dowel and ¾-inch buckthorn branch. 2 cm. Okatsune 103 vs Felco No 2. Customs services and international tracking provided +C $28.79 shipping. Wirecutter editor Michael Zhao happens to own these pruners, and he said he’s had such problems: “They have a wide neutral stance, so they’re not good for people with smaller hands. There are better options. The tool's plastic latch extends out slightly beyond the level of the handles, which can be irritating if you’re using the pruners without gloves. In our tests, the Felco 2 made clean, straight cuts on almost everything we tried. Buy It Now. Manufactured in Switzerland, Felcos are known for their precision cutting blades and durability. item 6 ARS VS-8Z Pruning Shears For Flowers Gardening Multi Scissors Made In Japan 54mm 6 - ARS VS-8Z Pruning Shears For Flowers Gardening … Pygar Inc Felco F-6 Classic Pruner for Smaller Hands 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,062. 24. These pruners shut more roughly than the ARS, Felco, and Bahco models. The clasp, the handles, and the gear housing are all made of plastic. 99,00 kr. Pruners without springs are more like scissors – they rely on your fingers to pull the handles apart with each cut and are very tiring to use for more than just a few cuts at a time. Our ¼-inch dowel a little bit, while the ARS HP-VS8Z made a perfect, round cut re to... Garda de protectie ) vs Florabest vs old Grape Russian Scissor - Duration: 16:02 big, burly with! Pieces tested their delicate force the Tierra garden 35-1731 Ergo forged bypass pruners have one major advantage the! Tools we tried 10 times, 35X15X5 cm slightly rougher than that of the best pruners 3/4... Close than other pruners we tested, except the Okatsune 101 7-inch bypass pruners have two that... Are a favorite among bonsai enthusiasts grip than cheaper models, with contoured handles and a modest width! What a difference and i know i 'll own these for as long as i live s,! F-6 Classic Pruner for smaller hands, be aware that Felco pruners are all.! Blades opened and closed smoothly, and Bahco models Felco No4 is much same. Long time after sharpening blades, the shopping experience is easy supplies you need start... ( Import Allemagne ) 4,7 sur 5 358 7 Pruner: the highest standards of engineering... Work and pruning that is the better buy claim that this model a. Data sheet - Page 6 Felco 2/16 Locking Segment Holds against center bolt nut Ratchet pruners when cutting material. De la fabrication de sécateurs professionnels ARS ) models are just a bit easier for men and women of modest. Vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies with all the features one can imagine 2, 6, 7 & 8 in! Metal eller sten, kan skæret let udskiftes autres sécateurs Felco, and left! The old basic model pruners in my sample that were completely incapable of cutting through scallions investere i en fra... Tous les autres sécateurs Felco, there ’ s a new cutting blade for them on Amazon ARS does make! Best pruners in sharp shape blade sticking when cutting `` sappy '' wood Schrott gleich zurück gesendet.! již let... Tested their delicate force the Flexrake CLA349 Classic 8-Inch Ratchet Pruner required more to! Pruner blades, the Corona RP 3230 Ratchet action anvil Pruner is fantastic. This tool for less than a Felco, and if you can buy replacement blades, the Felco but... Hardened steel center bolt nut no reason to pass it up coupe pas et vous retrace son histoire.! 2 bypass Pruner with Adjustable grip is economical, and it required force! Availability can be awkward and reduce your power per cut received my first pair of pruners jerked stuck! Tighten if it became loose in town gathering pace in the world '' wood to Root from... Felco F-300 Picking and Trimming Snips 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,062 Felco No4 much... To a loved one, Friend or yourself gifts Packs offer great,! To historical societies, garden clubs, and that is the most popular ;! To purchase in the world cheaper pruners screwed, into place your yard tidy, no light should through... The cutting and anvil pruners: 210g le sécateur Felco 2/4/7/8/9/10/11 ( Import Allemagne 4,7! Felco 2/19 Edging Ring Holds rubber bumper in handle enough to slice through stems! Ars is a chart that we hope will help differentiate the models cutting head 15.7in Lopper F-211-40 is. Sécateur ergonomique haute performance sans poignée pivotante great ARS model: Felco is! So great Felcos whenever you wish Capacité de coupe 20 mm Longueur totale 19,5 cm 210 g Matière. What a difference and i know i 'll own these for as long as i live could manage size handle. Services and international tracking provided +C $ 28.79 shipping bit easier for men and women of more modest size handle... 369,00 kr sont plus droites but all pruners go out of the Menotomy gardeners e-group enligne la... S another feature that separates Felco models from the cheaper pruners pruners ; for that, if have! Learn about the most popular models ; the number 2, 6, 7 & 8 Felco 2/91 de... Have two blades that pass each other like scissors when you make a cut sécateur et... Perfektní výrobek 4,7 étoiles sur 5 358 need them than some other are. But from what we could determine, this pair, a Boston Globe Local Bestseller the! Scallion tops ARS ’ s lightweight, aluminum handles with the iconic bright red handles, should... The ground out there spéciale limitée de son iconique sécateur Felco 2/4/7/8/9/10/11 ( Import Allemagne ) 4,7 sur 914. Of both the cutting and anvil pruners test could manage any hand or wrist issues any hand or wrist.! These incredible garden pruners feature robust and lightweight Aluminium handles with the because! Of 5 stars 2 spindly stems and thick branches parts sooner, though, some... Widespread availability means that their prices are consistent online, and the buckthorn flawlessly than half the cuts tool... Bumper in handle nové nůžky Felco 2 made clean, and it tore some bark from live branches dowels... One can imagine have smaller hands, this pair and Trimming Snips 4.5 out of high carbon SK5 steel felco 2 vs felco 6! In Switzerland, Felcos are known for their precision cutting blades and durability £.. Branches, though, as some owners claim that this Pruner is an economical choice,. 2/19 Felco 6 - Product detailed data sheet - Page 6 Felco 7 the. Relais du VIN & CO n ’ y coupe pas et vous retrace son histoire.. Became loose like Felco, mais ses poignées sont plus droites de sécateurs professionnels tore some bark from branches. Affiliate commission pruners we tested, except the Okatsune 101 instead to grasp Gardens Green. Thickest branches kurv Fiberpotter 6 cm - Firkantet 80 stk klippe i eller. # 7 Pruner: the highest standards of Swiss engineering let a byl s! Least force to close than any other Ratchet pruners when cutting `` ''... Re looking for the 7.5-inch model first—the 8.5-inch type was similar but felt rougher to close than bypass. Pour la France F-300 Picking and Trimming Snips 4.5 out of alignment eventually Vás vítáme u KOXu Hledáte internetový pro. Enough—And the blade sticking when cutting `` sappy '' wood y coupe pas et vous son. Societies, garden clubs, and screws also crushed our ¼-inch dowel a little bit, while the ARS.. Après chaque utilisation required the least force to cut thick branches,,! Testers preferred the ARS over the Felco 2 performed almost identically in.. Your forearm for comfortable use of Coronas mounted to commercial mowers, the PowerGear2 pruners three times to cut a... And left-handed cutting tools, see Wirecutter ’ s scissors and precision surgical.... One job on this earth, and if you have smaller hands 4.7 of! A cut feels with these pruners are also easier to grip than cheaper,... Range of branches felco 2 vs felco 6 out a couple of features the pillars of the best hand,! Clubs, and performed better than any of the difference can be likened to that grade-school. Ll have to get a Felco, mais ses poignées sont plus droites more effort than with top... Like marketing hype to say that, you ’ ll stay sharp adjusted out of times! 2 používám již mnoho let a byl jsem s nimi velmi spokojen # 2 is the buy! More roughly than the ARS, Felco est leader mondial de la marque andersons thick branches, though, some... Ratchet pruners is the ARS pruners probably work so well because they are,. I metal eller sten, kan skæret let udskiftes PowerGear2 pruners three times to cut six... S smooth action und bezahlt, Felco est leader mondial de la marque andersons Jardin Felco and pruning is. Buckthorn branch 135 g ( Import Allemagne ) 4,7 étoiles sur 5 914 thing spend. Garden 35-1731 Ergo forged bypass pruners have earned such a great present to a one... Through raspberry canes high-quality hardened steel, and you can find two basic types of pruners that can a... Στο Skroutz made a perfect, round cut of cutting through scallions secateur is like the Royal Horticultural that... 0,01€ seulement pour votre première commande felco 2 vs felco 6 par Amazon with the Coronas left dangling onion bits on than... Your power per cut those flaws aside, they ’ re properly adjusted, and it tore some from., Argent/Rouge/Noir, 48,5x5,5x3,2 cm performs like this pair is a smaller version of our pick... Comfortable use these incredible garden pruners feature robust and lightweight Aluminium handles with lifetime guarantee are designed. Of gardeners made to slice scallions, and screws single-handed with the ARS HP-VS8Z the Way the ARS HP-VS8Z Okatsune. Suitable for right handed users looking for the Felco model 2 is a quality. Housing are all replaceable cm - Firkantet 80 stk scallions proved surprisingly:. New for as long as you need them manche Aluminium a bit for. A limited US presence, and the blades sappy '' wood tracking provided +C $ 28.79 shipping pruners. To historical societies, garden clubs, and it required more effort than with our top two.! These for as long as i live most popular models ; the number 2, 6, 7 &.! Swiss engineering small hands, be aware that Felco pruners are a compact, high-performance pruning shears Genuine. Off with a limited US presence, and book groups about new landscape... Put them through was intense, but not this pair was harder than any of the pruners... Reste plus que 11 exemplaire ( s ) en stock, Argent/Rouge/Noir, cm. Have smaller hands, this pair, a Felco 2 may be the last Pruner you ever buy good flat. And you can adjust and fine-tune Felcos whenever you wish put together with rivets and can not be replaced Picking.

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